Making a House into a Home with a Signature Scent

We all know that there is a difference between a house and a home, and while it may be a hard thing to define in black and white terms, we can tell the difference when we feel it and smell it. A house may be a place where you eat and sleep, but a home is a place where you and your loved ones truly live. And every home you go into has its own distinct scent. It may be the out dated leather sofa that never fails to remind you of your childhood, or the fresh baked bread at your parents house that makes it feel like fall, but there is an undeniably unique smell to every home.

Sometimes the thing that makes your house feel like home are the special items that fill it. It may be Grandmas knitted blankets that fills the warmth on a cold winters day, or a glass mosaic that you picked up from the markets in Greece on your honeymoon. No matter what the things you love are, it is important to fill your home with things that bring you joy and peace. And as well as bringing you feelings and emotions, we as conscious people also know a true home is a place that feels safe, that keeps you well and healthy. LesRuches embodies joy, comfort, familiarization… all the feelings, emotions and memories we relate with being at Home and making a house a Home. That signature scent recognized by friends, family and yourself comes from a product that you have had to enable your signature scent. A perfume? Maybe your washing detergent, and/or candles that fill your home? LesRuches has created that luxury signature scent for our consumers. Both at home and in stores. Our range of exotic essential oils emit an aroma through our non-toxic artisan candles making a personal, signature scent that those around you familiarize themselves with.  

Further from that we also ensure a healthy organic environment and quality coming before all else. Which is why our product goes beyond just being a look of luxury and designer made, we at LesRuches focus on the whole picture. Visually, environmentally and consciously so it’s one less thing to worry about at home.

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