Shayna Taylor and LesRuches Collaborate on Noir Améthyste

Just in time for the holidays, LesRuches is thrilled to announced our collaboration with Shayna Taylor! She is the wellness entrepreneur, organic chef and holistic nutritionist behind Shayna’s Kitchen. Her beliefs in living a healthy, organic lifestyle matched perfectly with LesRuches’ non-toxic, paraffin-free candle practices. 

Together with Shayna, we spent months curating and designing a fragrance that truly illustrates her vision. Her signature scent Noir Améthyste blends smoldering green leaves with vanilla, bergamot, sandalwood and camellias for a smoky and sweet imagery.


We sat down with Shayna to talk healthy living and about our collaboration.

How did your journey for an organic and healthy lifestyle start?

I wasn’t one of those blessed kids that grew up on a farm eating healthy farm to table foods (really wish I was).  I was always the city kid that ate all of the crappy food that was advertised... I ate hot Cheetos, boxed cereal, and A cup of noodles almost every day. It wasn’t really until I was about 17 when I started to get into fitness and healthy eating. My mom and I started working out together to help get into better shape. I quickly started to realize, it doesn’t matter how much you try and workout, it’s all about what you’re putting in your body. That’s when my obsession began.

How important is this lifestyle to you? 

Living an organic and holistic lifestyle is extremely important to me. My body is the only thing I live with every day and I want to treat my body like I would my child—nourish it and make it function the best it can.

How does LesRuches fit into your healthy living lifestyle?

LesRuches fits into my healthy lifestyle because I love to burn candles in my house. When I found out that most candles have paraffins (and I realized I was breathing it in for all those years) made me SO sad. LesRuches doesn’t have any chemicals in their candles so I feel safe burning them in my home.

Why do you choose LesRuches organic candles?

They are beautiful, organic, hand-poured, use organic bees wax, essential oils, and are chemical free.

How do you find yourself positively influencing your friends to live in a healthier environment?

I’ve been called “Momma Shay” my whole life. I’m the first person to jump to help in any way I can with health advice, relationship advice, or just life advice. I love to share any new wellness tips with my friends and family.

When did you first become aware of the harm burning paraffin and/or Soy candles can bring? And who if it were someone that bought it to your attention?

In one of the deep research holes I got into. I read it in an article.

What were your thoughts and ideas behind the scent Noir Améthyste?

It’s a chic name, that sums up the scent. It’s perfect in my kitchen because it doesn’t compete with other scents. I also love that it’s a unisex scent— it has the perfect balance and will freshen up any room— it adds a pleasant aroma and creates a relaxing environment.

What are your favorite scents in our original collection?

Le Tabac

What do you love mostly about LesRuches?

What I love most is that their core brand values align perfectly with mine. Not to mention, their marble candles are beautiful!  

What does luxury mean to you?

To me luxury means pure relaxation and peacefulness in a beautiful, earthy-toned environment. Luxury to me also means wellness and self-care—feeling your absolute best.

How will you be using your LesRuches organic candles this holiday season?

I’m going to be giving them as gifts to all my loved ones so they can start being educated on what a healthy candle is and how important it is to have one in your home. I will also be burning them in my own home this holiday season.

Where do you light your LesRuches organic candles in your home?

Kitchen, living room, bedroom, entry, guest bedrooms…. EVERYWHERE!