Fleur Citron 22 Oz. Beauté Marbre Candle


LesRuches candles are the first luxury organic beeswax designer candles.

A natural mosquito repellent candle made of organic beeswax, organic coconut oil and infused with citronella, a hint of geranium and fresh lemon verbena. It's distinctive smell helps repel by masking scents that attract insects. Create a pleasant bite-free environment so you can enjoy life outdoors.


Weight: 907 Grams

Size: 5 x 5

Luxury marble vessel in hand carved black marble stone with white and grey veins or opulent white marble stone with light grey veins

Non-toxic artisan candles

Crafted with pure organic beeswax from natural golden yellow honey (no bleach or colorants) & lead-free cotton wicks

Produces negative ions as they burn; purifying the air
Hatbox packaging included

Hand poured in Los Angeles

Can be used as hand moisturizer after cooling

Please allow 2-3 business days for orders as candles are made to order.





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