Noir Améthyste x Morning Ritual Matcha Set


Rise and shine with the Noir Améthyste x Morning Ritual Matcha set! Enjoy the sweet, smoky scent of Noir Améthyste by Shayna Taylor while sipping your matcha tea latte from Shayna’s Kitchen and burning the palo santo sticks to welcome creativity, love and good fortune to your space.

The set includes:

  • Noir Améthyste by Shayna Taylor 7.5 oz. Parfaite candle
  • Shayna’s Kitchen Morning Ritual Ground Matcha (30g)
  • Palo Santo stick bundle (3)

LesRuches brings Shayna Taylor’s vision to life with the signature scent Noir Améthyste. The addictive unisex fragrance evokes dark smoky, sweet sensations by blending smoldering greens leaves with sugary vanilla notes. Hits of citrus bergamot and crisp camellias freshen the atmosphere and relax the soul. The limited edition scent comes in LesRuches single wick luxury glass vessel with lid.

The Morning Ritual is ceremonial grade A, Koicha stone ground matcha gives you an introductory insight to the tastes of high quality matcha. It will become an essential part of your everyday health regimen and your tea practice. Shayna’s Kitchen offers pure and high grade matcha for you to enjoy.

  • Ceremonial Grade A–highest quality hand-picked young leaves
  • Stone-Ground–traditionally prepared fine green tea powder
  • Single-Origin–farmed in the hills of Uji, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan

For preparation directions, visit Shayna's Kitchen

LesRuches Palo Santo bundle come from trees that grow on the coast of South America and is considered sacred wood or “Holy Wood” with its beneficial properties on a psychological and physical level. It’s calming effect evokes inner peace and helps restore inner balance and positivity. Simply light the end of a stick and let it burn for a few seconds before blowing out the flame.


Hand poured in Los Angeles

Complimentary LesRuches matches included

Please allow 2-3 business days for orders as candles are made to order.


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