LesRuches is the healthiest, fervent and long burning candle collection in the market. Hand poured in small batches, made with pure organic beeswax, 100% lead-free cotton wicks and exotic essential oils. Our signature golden yellow wax is all natural and is free of colorants. LesRuches artisan candles emit negative ions as they burn, cleaning the air around you, and in-turn rejuvenate the body.

We are Los Angeles born and proudly hand made in the USA.

Testimonial From

shayna terese taylor

"For me, a house becomes a home when it has your 'smell'. I found that with LesRuches not only because they give my home an incredible scent, but they have all the quality standards I look for when buying a household product. Organic, toxin free & cruelty free."


Each LesRuches candle comes nestled in our iconic signature white and black fabric hatbox wrapped with finesse for a lasting impression. All our packaging is made from recycled paper.

Sustainability is no longer viewed as a cost of doing business but a way of doing business. We at LesRuches are doing our part in reducing our current and future ecological footprint. Please know our packing peanuts are Biodegradable, made from natural nontoxic sources. They dissolve in water and can be thrown into compost piles after a single use.



Candles have been used for light and to illuminate celebrations for more than 5,000 years. The Egyptians were using wicked candles in 3,000 B.C., but the ancient Romans are generally credited with developing the wicked candle before that time by dipping rolled papyrus repeatedly in beeswax. 

LesRuches pays homage to it's roots by continuing the tradition of using beeswax - the wax of choice for ancient Roman emperors and Egyptian royalty. Staying true to the original artisan candle, LesRuches uses only the finest wax in the world - pure, organic beeswax. Each candle is carefully hand - poured with the utmost care and detailed craftsmanship, carrying on the artistry of the ancients long before our time.